Senin, 03 Juni 2013

The design and development of decision supporting system for hand phone selection is aimed to help the customers to find a hand phone that perfectly suits their needs. This system is assembled using fuzzy concept method to process some data that are ambiguous and imprecise. The designing of the system is done by categorizing the input system as a fuzzy and non-fuzzy variable. The system's logic consists of five phases, the first is the withdrawal of fussy and non fuzzy value from the database, the next is fuzzification, the third is decision making, the forth is defuzzification and the last one is to display the decision result The result of the designing shows that successfulness of a decision-making needs a limitation of every single fuzzy compilation which functioned as parameter. It is also influenced by the number of criterion chosen by the user, the development of features and facilities, and the amount of data and variables which are chosen

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